Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with computers and technology in general. I remember that my dad got me an old computer from work to play around with when I was around 6 years old, a decision he soon came to rethink because I was constantly bugging him with questions about every detail of its workings.

Owing to my obsession with computer games in my teens I chose to go to the secondary technical college in Kaindorf and enroll in the curricula focused on IT and programming. Finally, I had found my fellow nerd family and our days were filled mainly with playing, modifying and talking about video games, which took quite a significant toll on our grades and performance in school.

After I finished Kaindorf in 2014 I got curious if there might be a world outside of the realms of computer code and programming, so I decided to make a 180 degree turn and start studying Chemistry. Although it was interesting to see different aspects of the world and to understand it deeper it never really clicked with me and the world of molecules.

So after a few failed attempts to progress in my studies I decided to call it a day and start my own company (after a quick detour to India to “find myself” and become a yoga teacher) designing websites & web services and everything related to that. The freelancing mode of working quickly grew on me and it fills me with joy setting up my workspace in new places, recently even on 4 wheels in my camper van.