“Per aspera ad astra – through adversity to the stars” – old latin phrase of unknown origin.

I am currently in the process of acquiring my masters degree in microbiology. My current interests lie in the utilization of machine learning and aritificial intelligence for the processing of microbial data sets. A lot of the current limitations lie in the vast amount of variables and parameters, which proves too much for human processing power to handle. 

Apart from my current academic endeavors I like to think about the future. I’m a big fan of science fiction so I love to daydream about the things to come. Where will humanity be in 100 years? Will we still thrive under ever changing circumstances and adapt or will we be just another species to be unearthed as fossils by our ancestors after the fact? I have chosen science because I believe that it will provide even someone as insignificant as me with some answers about the future. Those answers may be as trivial as 1+1 or they may answer every single question about the universe. Either way, only those who keep moving forward will ever know.