Jernej Jurič

Why do we do anything and not nothing? How come we evolved from monkeys sitting on a tree to monkeys sitting on the dock of the bay? Some say out of pure survival reasons, others claim it was due to an unconscious desire to discover the world around us. Maybe it was both. Whatever the reason is, we are now at a point in time where we should reconsider, if it was a smart move to come off the tree. Climate change, the current epidemy, and wealth distribution are just a few problems the modern monkey is being confronted with. Should we do anything about it or should we just stay at home and do nothing? Science is not the final answer, but it certainly gives us a chance to do something.

Besides being involved in the scientific endeavour, my free time consists of shooting hoops on the local basketball field, checkmating* random people on the internet and seeding edible plants.

*or more often being checkmated